It was 9 pm Sunday of Labor Day Weekend and we were still in the middle of our home addition and remodel. After being gone since Friday I got home and could hear some noise coming from the basement. I turned on the light and could see water all over. I go downstairs and my water system was laying on the floor and water pouring out directly from the pipe with no shut off valve. It must have got knocked down by one of the construction guys. I called up Ben Holzer and he was out to my house in 10 minutes and had it all fixed before 10 pm. There is no substitute for a person who actually cares about his job and his customers and does everything in his power to make things right even when it was somebody else who made them wrong. Great water is a necessity of life. Great service comes standard with Ben Holzer. Forget the rest and rest easy when you get the best – Ben Holzer.
 - Bob Beseman
I love that Ben Holzer Unlimited delivers our salt, not only to our home, but right to our softener. Anyone that has issues with heavy bags would love their service, as they will even empty it into your softener for you. Amazing service.many times next day! Thank you Ben Holzer Unlimited!
 - Gail Langner
Amazing LOCAL business that focuses on great customer service! Check them out :)
 - Amanda Klemm
Thanks for the great rates on pallets of softner salt, and for loading it too
- Blake Minge
Thanks Ben & Char for your outstanding service! I highly recommend your service to all my friends, family, & coworkers! Your fabulous bottled water drinking fountains SAVED my morning coffee from the slime that the city sends thru the lines! THANK YOU!!!
- Linda Salo
Thank You Ben Holzer UNLIMITED, you are certainly UNLIMITED, you do it all! I am very impressed with the “above and beyond” SERVICE that you give to everyone, including myself! I appreciate the water delivery to my office and the salt delivery to my home and/or office, it’s great to have such a great LOCAL company to deal with! Your customer service is wonderful! A++++, I HIGHLY recommend you to ANYONE and EVERYONE!
 - Laura Marie
Thank you to Ben and Adam Holzer from Ben Holzer Unlimited for the free softener salt we received for referring them to a customer who purchased a water softener unit. While they were here they dropped off my yearly replacement filters (thanks guys for keeping track of that so I don’t have to).  Anyone in need of a water softener give these guys a call… they are wonderful to work with and offer an affordable payment plan that’s cheaper than renting from “those other guys”. We love our water!!
- Kristy Hovland